General information

Demo Conference
20th Biennial Conference
from June 29th to July 4th, 2020
Padua - Italy

All activities will take place in Padua.
The Welcome Desk will be available, for information and registration documents’ withdrawal, by the premises of Fiera di Padova, Padiglione 5, via Tommaseo 59, 35131 Padova, Italia.

Organizing Secretary
Organizing Committee
via xxxxxxxx
35137 Padova – Italy
Tel +39 049 xxxxxxxx
Fax +39 049 xxxxxxxx

Booking Center
via Porciglia, 34
35121 Padova – Italy
Tel +39 049 8760233
Fax +39 049 8763410
For any kind of information related to the organisation and the use of this procedure and the hospitality services you can send an e-mail to

The official language of the Meeting is English. There will be no simultaneous translation.

Banks are open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.30 3.30 p.m.
Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept major credit cards.
Cash dispensers (ATM) are located throughout the city.

Service is generally included in the bill; if you wish to show your appreciation for a good meal or special service, tips are welcome.

Visa information
International visitors arriving from outside the Schengen area ( might need an appropriate Visa upon entering the European Union, depending on their nationality. Visa information can be found at the official website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
In the case you need a Visa, since the time to process your request might be quite long we advise to submit your application to the nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin or where you have permanent residence as soon as possible.

The badge will be withdraw at the Welcome Desk upon arrival.
The badge is necessary to have access to all the step and the official meetings of the event, for the event check-in, the meals, the social dinner and the trips.

Coffee Breaks
During the Meeting session breaks and poster sessions, refreshments will be served free of charge to participants wearing Conference badges.

Smoking Policy
Smoking in the conference venue is not permitted, except in designated areas.

Vouchers of all booked hospitality services (hotel, shuttle, gala dinner, excursions, meals, events…)  will be sent by e-mail 15 days before the opening of the Europeade. If you need to receive them before, please write an e-mail to the Booking Center (

Invoices for people who booked services
All reservation fees and all tariffs for hospitality services are VAT included.
During the online reservation, you will be asked to indicate the name of the person or the company/institution you wish the invoice to be sent to.
Each online reservation form produces an invoice for the accommodation and an invoice for other services. For this reason, if two people wish to share a room, but require separate invoices, they must send an email to the Booking Center and to the booked hotel.
Invoices for the accommodation will be issued by the hotel and must be asked for at the moment of the departure; the invoice for the optional services will be issued by the service suppliers.

Payment should be made in Euro only. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
After the enrollment in the conference, you may pay by Credit Card VISA or Mastercard in security certificate mode "Verisign" through the online form available on this website.
Fill in the registration form and select the hospitality services required (hotel accommodation, airport shuttle transfer, gala dinner, excursions, discounted meals, events…), the required amount can be paid immediately online by credit card.  All credit card data are encrypted.
If you have problems in performing the payment by these credit cards please contact the Booking Center by writing an e-mail to
The payment can also be done by bank transfer and it has to be done within 48 hours from the moment when the reservation has been completed; the bank transfer copy approved by the bank must be sent by fax to +39 049 8763410.
In the bank transfer description must be specified the name of the Conference and the registration code. It’s mandatory to inform the bank that all the bank fees will be charged to the payer.

Refunds for booked services
Cancellations and requests of refund must be sent by e-mail to
All refunds will be settled during the Congress to the Booking Center  or after the conclusion of the event with a fee charge of 5% on the total refunded amount due to administrative fees.

The Organizing Secretariat and the Booking Center reserve the right to make any changes to the meeting program which might be necessary for technical reasons.
The Organizers are not responsible for any cancellation of parts of  meeting.

Responsibility and insurance
The organizers and the Booking Center will not be responsible for any injuries or damages to persons or properties during the event. Participants are advised to take out personal insurance.